Sneak Peak

I thought it would be fun to add a post that had some of the pictures from my trip to California.  These are all the adults, as I didn’t want to post pictures of the little ones without permission! But take my word for it, not only are they beautiful and precious kids, but I fell in love with all of them!

Now – without further delay, enjoy as you look at what I am blessed to call Family!

IMG_6421[1]Photo_Jul_10,_11_35_17_PM[1] Photo_Jul_09,_7_09_08_PM[1] IMG_6452[1] IMG_6445[1] IMG_6440[1] IMG_6439[1] IMG_6434[1] IMG_6424[1] IMG_6422[1]

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IMG_3202[1]These people changed my life.  I look at these pictures and realize they were literal stranger and now I love them, as if I’d known them a life time.







This is my sister Becky and her son, Marcos.  I love this picture!  The one next to it is my family. My sisters and brothers, who welcomed me with no reservation. I love them, so so much.














Cake!!  I loved eating this cake!  It is a reminder of how amazing this life is, and how loved I am!












Bear paws!!  I will write about this soon.  These hands could be my sons!




And this sign, meant more to me than they can ever imagine. And my mama. They say I look like her. She was an amazing lady and I wish I had known her.  But I get to see her through my family.















PARTY! We partied all weekend.  This was amazing and so much fun.








I think I look very Native American here.  And that is my amazing hubby.  I loved that we were together here.  He held me up and supported me through this entire experience.



Laughter.  I was laughing and it is a great example of all the laughter that filled this trip. By the way, that’s Dickie in the dark shirt.  He is my big brother and I am so thankful for him.








See?  More laughter!!





Armando, the guy in the hat, is also my brother.  He is so much taller than me, and I really loved that he was there.  Hugs.  That’s what I remember about him.


Pretty much, this is my family in these pictures.  I love these people!














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